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2018 Household Gifts

"The Ultimate Inflatable Lounger!"

Now here's an INCREDIBLE gift for everyone! How it works; Step 1: Find a nice spot to relax and remove from the bag Step 2: Quickly walk with one side of the Lounger Bag open into the wind until filled with air and close before you stop walking, then do the same with the other side. Step 3: Roll up the end (about three or four times) and clip shut Step 4: Lay back and RELAX for up to 6 hours of comfort! * Each Lounger includes: Drink side pocket, Magazine side pocket, Carry Bag Available in 5 colors Contact us today for more information and to place your order!


                        We're ALL IN!

Choose from 2 sizes, POKER size with 23 card back colors to choose from OR BRIDGE size with 9 colors.  27 foil stamp colors available, Make your next promo hand out FUN for all ages!

Looking for something besides cards.. How about DOMINOES or POKER CHIPS.. We've got em' !